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July 26, 2007

The Walls Belong To Us

チャリティーオークションThe Walls Belong To UsがNYで行われます。

there will be a charity auction event to help KET in NYC.
check The Walls Belong To Us

The line up includes: FUTURA 2000, Lee Quinones, MICO, COCO 144, Jose Parla, Lady Pink, SMITH, Joey Krebs, Steve Marcus, Jamel Shabazz, GHOST, Joe Conzo, STAK, ESPO, Barry McGee, Grotesk, MICKEY, COPE2, Erni Panicolli, T-Kid 170, SONIC, Rob-O, Machine, MILK, SENT0, Henry Chalfant, VEN, WOLF, TEAM, VEEFER, Chris DAZE Ellis, CRASH, ZEPHYR, DONDI, Martha Cooper, MIN ONE, CORNBREAD, FREEDOM, TOOFLY, QUEEN ANDREA, PURE, NOAH, WANE, DOC, WENT, SABE, CAVE, FRAME, PERSUE, RISKY, Jani Tolin, EWOK, MARE 139, KEL 139, POSE2, WEB, ATOME, BATES, BLUSTER, CERN, CES, MED, DELTA, CYCLE, EZO, FREEDOM, FUZZ, GANO, WEN, Eric HAZE, Guy Gonzales, IZ THE WIZ, HENCE, HEWS, JA, JON 156, NYC LASE, KAVES, Matt Doyle, Joshua Griffler, MAC Crew, Mai Lucas, MERES, Ruedi One, REVS, PART, QUIK, Ricardo Cortes, SEAK, Shepard Fairey, SKUF, VIRUS, WEST, DUEL, OVIE, ZEKIS, KOE Rodriguez, Jim Prigoff, Inspector Collector, PEAK, DIVA, SPACE YMI, JAES, POSE2, NOXER, Brett Cook Dizney, DALEK, SMASH 137, LUNAR, SP ONE, MUCK, SEK 3, INK 76, BLADE, KR and a few additional surprises.


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